How to be Sure a Man is the One for You

How to be Sure a Man is the One for You

How to be Sure a Man is the One for You

It’s wonderful to be madly in love, isn’t it? Walking side by side with the man you love. But then the day comes when things seem to be turning serious and you’re left wondering if he’s truly right for you. How can you be sure that you will still love him and that he will still love you when you’re married? There’s no easy answer to that question, but here’s a few things to look out for if you want to know whether your handsome man is genuine or not.

Are You His Queen?

This doesn’t mean he’s constantly showering you with gifts, love, and attention. (Though those things are nice too, aren’t they?) What it means is that in all circumstances, no matter how busy or complicated his life is at the time; he will always find the time for you. He should always put you first, no matter what. Of course there will be times where he needs to leave if he has work to do or his Mum wants him to help her out painting a fence. But regardless of these things, he always makes sure that you know he’s thinking about you; he’s always there when you need him or when you’re upset. If this is true, then you’re already partway to proving he is the ‘One’!

How does He Treat Your Friends?

Believe it or not, it’s quite easy for a guy to pretend he cares for you more than himself, even for years! The quickest way to learn if he is truly genuine is by observing his behaviour with your friends. If you introduce him to your closest of friends and he decides that he doesn’t care about socializing with them. If he leaves and tells you to call him when you’re done with them, then a warning sign should go off in your head. More often than not, the way a man treats your friends is exactly how he’s going to treat you once he’s got you stuck with him!


Can you be Completely Honest with Him?

If you find yourself hiding things or keeping issues quiet because you don’t want to upset your man, then you may have a small problem. A man who is worthy of marrying a woman should be able to accept anything that she thinks or feels, within logical reason. Assuming for the moment that you have done no fault and have nothing serious to hide, such as cheating, but even the smallest of things will set him off he is not right for you. You cannot submit yourself to a life of sneaking around trying not to irritate your husband. You’d go mad! It’s perfectly okay if he gets a bit upset about something you’ve done or told him, so long as he forgives quickly if not immediately! If your man can’t accept the full truth from you, then he doesn’t deserve you! Communication is the key to the success of any relationship! If your guy is free of all those issues, then there’s a good chance he is the ‘One’ for you!

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