Selecting the right Make up
Fashionable Young Woman Wearing Cap And Knitwear In Studio

Selecting the right Make up

Selecting the right Make up

Fashionable Young Woman Wearing Cap And Knitwear In Studio

Special makeup white teeth: which foundation and which lipstick to choose to make the teeth look whiter? Did you know that the secret of a bright smile is also in your beauty kit? Taking care of your teeth is just as important as caring for your skin or hair. Thanks to our 7 tips for a brilliant smile associated with an adapted make-up, your smile will make a sensation. Follow our guide to find out how your makeup can make your teeth look whiter and learn to play cool, bluish hues for a sparkling smile.

1. Go for a blue-hued lipstick
We all know that good lipstick can bring a touch of self-confidence and glamor. But did you know that the color of our lips could affect the whiteness of our teeth? Warm colors for example bring out the yellow tones, so if you do not trust the color of your teeth, we advise you to avoid shades that pull on the orange. The trick is to choose a lipstick with cold undertones. A real red or a lipstick with a bluish sub-tone will bring out the white, just like a purple lipstick with purple or all the violet hues like burgundy, purple or plum.The bluish lipsticks work on the same principle as White Light’s Blue Light technology. Since blue is a cool color, located opposite to the yellow on the color circle, wearing a bluish color on the lips reduces the yellow hue of the teeth. It’s no coincidence that the blue gloss is one of the season’s flagship trends, endorsed by celebrities and bloggers.

2. Take care of your lips
Do not let chapped lips spoil your smile. To avoid cracks and keep beautiful lips, be sure to moisturize them after brushing your teeth.

3. Use a lip pencil
Nothing like beautiful luscious lips to complete a beautiful smile. Here’s how to achieve a contour of the lips to give them volume naturally: With a pencil two shades darker than your lipstick, draw an M along the lines of the upper lip and then in the center of the lower lip. Draw V horizontally in the outer corners of the upper and lower lips. Finally, apply a lipstick predominantly “cold”. Result: a luscious mouth and a devastating smile.

4. Choose a suitable foundation
After discovering the secrets of predominantly “cold” colors or bluish sub-tones for a whiter smile, all you need is the finishing touch. Choosing the right foundation is essential to accentuate the whiteness of the teeth. If it pulls too much orange tones, your teeth will not look so white. Prefer a cooler color, like the mole.

After makeup…
For even more whiteness, try White Now Glossy Chic Toothpaste. Thanks to its format adapted to makeup kits, it is your best ally for a bright smile while shine. Thanks to Blue Light technology combined with ultra-shiny crystals, Signal White Now Glossy Chic brings you a bright white smile in the blink of an eye. Adopt these beauty tricks and brush your teeth with White Now for a dazzling smile in just a few moments. The instant whiteness effect is optical and temporary. Clinical study on measuring the optical effect of instant whiteness performed on 78 people.

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