Non evasive weight loss treatment
comparison of two women buttocks with and without cellulite

Non evasive weight loss treatment

Non evasive weight loss treatment


The latest technologies are revolutionizing the world of aesthetics and slimming treatments, favoring the consolidation of medical-aesthetic techniques that are alternatives to liposuction and that offer very similar results without the need for anesthesia and scalpels and without having to introduce abrupt changes in the eating habits and physical activity.

This is the case of the lipolytic laser, a painless and non evasive weight loss treatment High Wycombe that is most popular among those who want to lose centimeters in difficult areas and that allows the elimination of localized fat without having to go through the operating room and without suffering side effects.

What is lipolytic laser treatment? 

The slimming treatment with lipolytic laser, suitable for both men and women, is especially indicated to treat those areas of the body that are more complicated and that resist even diet and exercise.

It is a very simple and fast treatment that allows reducing sizes and stretch marks from the first session and that consists of the application on the area that you want to treat laser light (low frequency, that basically what you get is to dissolve the fat accumulated in that part of the body to promote its subsequent elimination naturally by the organism. The exposure in the area lasts just 10 minutes and it is possible to treat up to three different areas of the body in each session.

The lipolytic laser treatment is completely painless, has no side effects and does not require any type of recovery so you can make absolutely normal life after each session.

It also has no contraindications, although it is always advisable to consult a specialist beforehand to see if it is the most convenient treatment according to the person and their needs and to clear any doubt about it.

Basically, the lipolytic slimming laser allows treating any area of the body where there is accumulated fat, although its results are especially optimal in the abdomen, thighs, cartridge belts and even in the jowls

What results does the lipolytic laser achieve? 

Although the loss of centimeters is already evident from the first session, it is convenient to perform a minimum of eight sessions to stabilize the results.

In addition to promoting weight loss and ensuring that centimeters are lost where it is really needed, lipolytic laser treatment visibly reduces stretch marks and is an equally suitable method to combat cellulite. It also offers additional benefits in terms of toning, improving circulation and eliminating toxins.

Although it is not necessary to change habits drastically in terms of diet and physical exercise, it is important to keep in mind that better results will always be achieved following healthy guidelines: drink plenty of water to favor the elimination of liquids, reduce the intake of carbohydrates, change the sedentary lifestyle by a gentle exercise routine (half an hour of walking), combine the treatment with massages and the application of cosmetic reducing products, etc.

It is also worth bearing in mind that if you have a problem of severe overweight, rather than any kind of aesthetic treatment, you must first bet on diet and exercise since there are no miracle techniques and treatments such as the lipolytic slimming laser are especially indicated for cases of accumulated fat in difficult areas.

In any case, before starting any medical-aesthetic treatment, the best option is always to consult any doubt with a specialist and request all the necessary information to be able to assess all the possibilities and choose the most appropriate one.



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