Get White and Strong Teeth With This Natural Paste

Get White and Strong Teeth With This Natural Paste

Toothpaste, mouth rinses and even soaps contain chemical ingredients that not only harm our oral health but also the planet. To avoid its contraindications, nothing better than preparing ourselves a toothpaste to get white and strong teeth.

Having a beautiful smile is the desire of all. The teeth are the letter of presentation of a person. It is for this reason that we wish to have white and strong teeth. Today we will learn a millenary recipe that Tibetan monks use to have their white and strong teeth. With this trick, you can stop worrying about your teeth, and clean it for yourself, in a simple, fast and effective and above all, extended in time.

Why prepare our own toothpaste?
Many are the advantages of preparing ourselves our own toothpaste to have white and strong teeth. This, in addition to not being harmful to the planet or to the organism, we can make it in the comfort of our home, based on natural ingredients, it is cheaper and very simple to make.

Those people who use homemade toothpaste and therefore Strong white teeth, we notice that our oral cleaning improves every day, that we have less bacterial plaque and low incidence of caries, compared to the past when we used commercial pasta. Many are the chemicals found in industrialized pulps but one, in particular, is the one that is present in the majority and paradoxically is the most harmful, we are talking about fluoride.

It was always stated that fluoride was beneficial for dentition. But for some time it has been proven that it has had a significant association with a wide range of adverse effects, among which we can mention:

Increased risk of bone fractures.
Decreased thyroid function.
Decrease in Intellectual Coefficient IQ.
Diseases of the arthritic type.
Dental Fluorosis.
Possibly bone sarcoma (still in the investigation stage).
Fluorine is capable of damaging teeth, bones, the brain and even the cells of the male reproductive system. The effects on these organs are greater while we consume more fluoride. But even at low concentrations, fluoride may generate non-obvious effects that predispose the individual to further damage.

Recipe simple and natural to have white and strong teeth.

Boil half a glass of water and let it cool.
Place a spoonful of kosher salt in the boiled water.
Stir vigorously about one minute to dissolve the salt.
With a spoon remove the foam that is on the surface.

How to use natural toothpaste to have white and strong teeth?

Wet your toothbrush into the mix.
Clean your teeth in the usual way.
Use natural toothpaste to have bendable and strong teeth in the morning, at night and after each meal.
Rinse your mouth with the remaining water from the glass.

The natural toothpaste to have strong white teeth destroys the pathogens that are in the oral cavity and also revitalizes the enamel of the teeth. In other words, with this paste, you can keep oral hygiene very well while avoiding the use of artificial products of dubious effects.

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