8 steps to start the year losing weight 

And again change the year, loaded with good intentions and better purposes and, of course, it’s my turn again to try to go on a diet and this time (hehehehe) if that is going to be the final, I am totally convinced of being able to reach to my goal, at least start on the right foot and to help you also start the new year losing weight I have created this list with a few simple steps, tricks, techniques or tips that if you follow them you have guaranteed success, you say? Will you come with me? You’ll see how together we achieve success this year


7 steps to start the year losing weight


1-Do not obsess about diet


It seems easy but it is not and there is a thin red line that if you cross it can be fatal both for the diet and for our mind that is why it is important to focus on the basics and not give them more importance than they have or can be very bad for us and translate into abandonment of the diet or feeding problems. Lipo Sculpt Leamington Spa


2-Get rid of all Christmas traces immediately


Just a few weeks ago we were stuck with seafood, roscones, nougat and polvorones in addition to one hundred thousand other products, all very rich but unhealthy for a balanced diet so do not complicate and give them a ticket, you will lose a few euros but you will gain space in the cupboard and hollow in your stomach for healthier products.


3-Drink a lot of water


Drinking between 1.5l and 3l of water daily works but really and if you do not do the test just a week. The results will be spectacular.


4-Walk at least 30 minutes a day


And I do not mean just the walk you do from your house to the subway to go to work hehehe if you do not walk at a rapid pace a walk that is geared only to that, to exercise.


5-cook only grilled, baked and steamed


With these 3 techniques the amount of dishes is infinite and it is always better to change a roasted potato for a fried and the same with other ingredients.


6-Avoid white flours 



And with them any type of product manufactured in a production plant such as bread loaves or super bread. Get used to using flours mixed with other healthier flours such as rye or oatmeal or simply adding some seeds to your bread dough. The white flours do not provide us anything more than sugars and carbohydrates that eventually turn into fats.


7-Go to the chicken and turkey 


Forget for a few months of red meats and pork (they are delicious) but we are not worth for our goal which is to lose weight. The meat of chicken and turkey barely has fat and lots of proteins that will help us in the gym.


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