Simple tips for healthy eating

Simple tips for healthy eating


Breakfast as a king; Eat like a prince and dine like a beggar. Eat your food at regular times; and between meals do not eat anything . It is better if 5 hours pass between one meal and another. Two meals a day, breakfast and lunch are better than three for those who have a slow metabolism, who are overweight and who have a sedentary job or want to do very little physical exercise. Late dinners, just before bedtime, are particularly harmful , since most of the food consumed is stored as fat, the third meal should be light and ingested several hours before bedtime. Non-surgical facelift Lipo Sculpt

We should not drink liquids with food . Our water can be taken up to half an hour before eating or an hour after eating.

The benefits of food depend on the quality of the food that is eaten. Good nutrition develops good blood, and poor food develops poor blood. Never consume decomposed fruits or vegetables, they ferment in the stomach and poison the blood.

The ideal diet should have a balance of 80% of total calories as carbohydrates as fat and 10% of total calories as proteins. The ideal diet should contain at least 50% of raw food , since raw food is live food.

If someone is ill, they will need to eat almost all their food in raw form. Take a grain from a cooked ear and sow it and it will not grow; Cooked food is dead food. When we cook the food we destroy many minerals and vitamins and all the enzymes.

Today in the market there are many tables on combination of foods and each one promotes a different combination of foods. Many of these tables are quite complicated and defend the idea of not mixing a sweet fruit (apple) with an acid fruit (orange). We think this is valid if you have a very weak stomach, but this is not applicable to most people. The table that we are going to show you is quite simple and easy to understand. There are three different characteristics of a real fruit and a real vegetable. A true fruit has seed in it and a vegetable does not. A true fruit can only be eaten when it is fully ripe while a legitimate vegetable can be eaten at any stage of growth. A real fruit grows on trees, vineyards, etc.

It is best not to eat fruits and vegetables in the same meal for the following reason:

Fruits spend 1-2 hours on their digestion, while vegetables take 3-4 hours to digest. Consequently, when they eat together, in the same meal, the fruits can not leave the stomach until the vegetables have been digested.

In most cases a fermentation occurs in the stomach because the fruits are retained.

We also have a group of foods called NEUTRAL, and these can be mixed either with fruits or vegetables. These neutral foods are grains, nuts and fruit-vegetables. Foods such as cucumber, is a fruit-vegetable because it has characteristics of both fruit (has seeds inside) and vegetables (can be eaten at any stage of growth). Following this table of food combination, you will have very few problems of indigestion, gas, burning or constipation.

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